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About us

Almeryx is managed by:

  • Experienced business owners.

  • Professional post-secondary educators.

  • Human resources professionals. 

Why use Almeryx?


  • Build a talent pool for employers.

  • Make trained candidates available.

  • Offer ATS (applicant tracking system) for employers to track candidates.

  • Level the playing field equally for large and small companies.

  • Use inbound recruiting versus outbound recruiting. 

Inbound recruiting (employers search for candidates) for is long-term recruiting solution (proactive).

Outbound recruiting (candidates come to employers) is short-term recruiting solution (reactive). 

For the Employer.

  • Attract the right candidates.

  • Engage qualified candidates.

  • Hire fast.

  • Use data-driven recruitment.

  • Build a strong brand.

  • Ensure good candidate experience.

  • Recruit fairly.

  • Creat an efficient recruiting process. 

For the Job Seeker. 

  • Find jobs easily.

  • Built-in job search features with multiple criteria.

  • Track applied jobs.

  • Apply for jobs directly.

  • Contact employer directly.

  • Employer can contact directly.

  • Receive job alerts.

  • Be shortlisted by employer.

  • Build resume with key words

  • Employer can receive candidate job alerts with matching qualifications.

  • Resumes can be featured.

  • Employer can search resumes.